Buying or selling


Your appointed conveyancer will contact us to find out the current amount owing on the property. 

Water bills are made up of both fixed service charges and water usage charges. 

The fixed charges are a debt against the property - not the owner. They’re usually cleared between the buyer and seller as part of the settlement. 

You may need to pay some water usage charges once you’ve moved in that weren’t included during settlement. If that applies, you’ll see the charge on your first bill. Your conveyancer or solicitor will do this for you. Check under ‘water usage adjustments’ in your settlement papers.
When you (or your tenants) move in, the water will be ready to use as we don’t turn it off between owners.

In NSW water is the responsibility of the property owner, we do not bill tenants. However, you can nominate a property manager to manage your account by adding them to your account as an authorised representative.



The water supply does not need to be disconnected.

You and our conveyancer must request a final meter reading from us as part of the settlement process so that we can issue a final bill up to, and including, the settlement date. This ensures the buyer and seller pay the correct amount when a property is sold. We will issue a final bill to the seller, up to and including the date of settlement, this may be issued up to 10 days after settlement. 

If you receive a bill after your property has settled, please return it to us and tell us that you’ve sold the property.